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Automatic Elutriation

Air humidifiers or air washers experience thickening of the circulating water due to water evaporation and dirt particle washout. This thickening needs to be periodically offset by desalination to prevent malfunction and excessive contamination.

Using automatic desalination makes it possible to adjust the thickening in an operation-specific manner by measuring the circulating water guide value and thereby enabling an economical operating mode.

Increased water losses due to uncontrolled desalination and malfunctions due to deposits on surfaces and profiles are avoided.

Application areas for automatic desalination:

  • Air humidifiers
  • Air washers
  • Humidification and open cooling systems using circulating water

Equipment variants, depending on unit model:

  • Simple desalination
  • Simple desalination with return pipe
  • Dual desalination
  • Dual desalination with return pipe
  • Automatic desalination combined with external UV sterilisation

Product details

Guide value-driven desalination continually measures the quality of the circulating water via a measuring sensor. The guide value is the measuring unit for the water’s capacity to conduct electricity. The more salts that have been dissolved in the water, the better electricity can flow (resistance becomes lower) and the higher the guide value will be.

A guide value-driven unit can be used to set a previously defined limit value that must not be exceeded. If the limit value is reached, a motor ball valve opens and undertakes elutriation until the level falls below the limit value again. If there is any change in the fresh water, it does not therefore have a negative effect on the circulation water.


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