Air purification

Circulating water spray humidifiers are also commonly called air washers. The air purification effect described thereby is due to the fact that, within the air, up to 1,000 times more water is atomised than is absorbed by the air through evaporation. Solid compounds like particulates, pollen, spores (allergens) and sulphur dioxides, nitrogen oxides and ozone are absorbed by these water masses to a large extent. Very different from air humidification equipment working on the continuous flow principle.

A design-dependent attempt is made here to atomise only as much water in the air as is required for the desired increase in humidity. Virtually complete droplet evaporation can therefore be expected. All contaminants that the droplet has absorbed in contact with the air are discharged to the air again after its complete evaporation. The wash-out effect of such systems can therefore be ignored.





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