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Concise Maintenance


LAVAIR services all systems once a year according to the maintenance checklist. Depending on the operation and requirements of the humidifier, the system can also be serviced more than once a year. A plant-specific service log is provided and updated. All service works undertaken as well as any discovered defects are recorded in this service log. All work commissioned to remedy any defects identified is also described in the log.

hourly rates

As a maintenance customer, you will enjoy reduced hourly billing rates over those which are valid at the time of the service call for any repairs or troubleshooting undertaken by our technicians.

Spare parts service

If it is necessary to replace or exchange components in your system, we provide a first-class spare parts service for LAVAIR products as well as for products from other manufacturers. We purchase consumable parts, which are not kept in our warehouse, directly from the manufacturer.

Hygiene inspection

LAVAIR shall undertake the hygiene inspection required to maintain the safe operation of the system every 2 years in accordance with the requirements of VDI 6022. The inspection is carried out by qualified and trained personnel and the results are documented in writing in the service log.
The hygiene inspection must be requested separately.


The repair or replacement of consumable parts or spare parts (outside of the warranty) is usually not a service component. If required, we will be happy to provide you with an appropriate offer for the works. As a maintenance customer, you also benefit from our very advantageous prices for standard spare parts.

Contract term

The contract term will be individually agreed with you. In the course of purchasing one of our humidification systems, it is also possible to extend the warranty by concluding a maintenance agreement with us. We are happy to accommodate your wishes with regard to the maintenance intervals/scope of the works.

Assembly and

Our experienced and well-trained engineers and service technicians will install your humidifier on site and put the unit into operation.
All the parameters are set so that the humidifier works reliably and efficiently.
Following the commissioning, you will receive a detailed record of the operational settings.
Ideally, such a commissioning will be combined with the training of your employees.
General instructions on the operation of the system, regular maintenance and functional and hygiene checks are also provided at that time.
Your employees will also receive comprehensive briefing on the functionality and handling of the system components. This will ensure that your humidifier is always used and maintained in the best possible manner.
We consider this to be an essential prerequisite for energy-saving plant management with low maintenance costs.
Last but not least, sustained care of the humidifier extends the service life and retains the value of the system beyond its normal operating life.


If the existing air humidifier develops functional or hygienic defects, refurbishment is unavoidable. If the humidifier housing is still in good condition or is at least capable of refurbishment, the system can usually be repaired and thereby brought up to date by replacing the defective built-in parts. However, if a partial refurbishment cannot be expected to bring about the desired effect in terms of service life, system availability and maintenance overheads, complete refurbishment is often the most cost-effective solution.

Our range of services includes:

  • Energy-based and functional analysis of the existing air humidifier.

  • Proposals for a partial refurbishment or replacement of the system are then prepared from this survey, taking cost-efficiency criteria into account.

Partial refurbishment of the air humidifier:

  • Refurbishment of leaking humidifier trays (GRP)
  • Replacement of droplet separator and rectifier profiles
  • Nozzle replacement
  • Adaptation of the unit configuration to changes in air volume flows and humidity requirements
  • Retrofitting/conversion of the humidifier (also for other makes) according to the current hygiene guideline VDI 6022

Renewal/Update of the air humidifier:

  • Measurement of the device dimensions as well as the housing flanges & analysis of the intake
  • Dismantling of the old unit & installation of the new unit in a time window specified by the operator
  • Handover protocol, instruction and training of maintenance personnel