Partnership with Schweitzer-Chemie in the area of chemical sterilisation

For energy-saving reasons, modern painting systems are operated with an ever-increasing proportion of circulating air. This trend is being promoted by the increasing use of water-based paint systems and the high degree of automation during the application of the paint and the resulting elimination of the need to comply with occupational exposure limit values for breathable air. Depending on the extent of contamination of the circulating air, germ formation within the circulating water may reach a level at which physical sterilisation methods (UV immersion lamps/UV reactors) are not sufficient to ensure operation in accordance with VDI 6022, even if the operation specifications are observed. In such cases involving high germ infestation, we now offer supplementary chemical sterilisation methods (hydrogen peroxide, chlorine dioxide) in cooperation with Schweitzer-Chemie. In the case of old systems, the retrofit is carried out via a separate dosing station. In the case of new systems, we recommend implementing the chemical sterilisation equipment directly on the humidifier’s operating side.

Our partner, Schweitzer Chemie, has been operating in the field of water processing and treatment for many years. Their range of products includes water softening equipment, filtration systems, desalination equipment, dosing equipment for chemical water treatment, UV sterilisation and conductivity-driven elutriation systems. Schweitzer Chemie also provides a wide range of chemical products for water treatment as well as for cleaning/disinfecting systems that come into contact with water. The Schweitzer company has a nationwide service network for installation, commissioning, maintenance, inspection and professional cleaning of water-bearing systems. The company’s own laboratory enables a fast and reliable analysis of the water quality. The analysis results provide the basis for a targeted selection of the appropriate chemical products for cleaning the systems and disinfecting the water used during operation. Schweitzer-Chemie also works with accredited samplers and analysis laboratories for this purpose.