Collaboration between Lavair and Kaut – Two Family Businesses with High Quality Standards

In mid-2022, Lavair AG Klimatechnik signed a cooperation agreement with Alfred Kaut GmbH from Wuppertal to establish a close collaboration in the distribution of efficient air humidification solutions for commercial and industrial use. Both family businesses have extensive experience and expertise in the planning and development of effective humidification systems. The new partnership combines the competence of both companies and, through the expansion of the product portfolio, strengthens market competency.

Since 1964, Kaut has successfully planned and distributed steam humidification systems, and since 1995, the systems of American manufacturer DriSteem. These high-quality systems are not only versatile but have already proven their efficiency and reliability in many projects. After-sales service is a priority for Kaut and is characterized by personal installation instructions, commissioning, and reliable spare parts supply.

Lavair was founded in 1996 and is now one of the world’s leading manufacturers of recirculating water spray humidifiers for air handling systems. Lavair AG is always available to provide its customers with advice on product selection, maintenance, renovation, or maintenance of these systems. “Traditional corporate culture, innovative development spirit, and state-of-the-art stainless steel processing” are just some of the many advantages that distinguish Lavair. Safe and trouble-free products are a top priority to ensure quality standards and customer satisfaction.

The collaboration between Lavair and Kaut opens up further possibilities for both companies to operate even more successfully in the future. It is a great opportunity for both businesses to expand their expertise in the field of humidification systems. “We will support our newly gained partner in the project planning and implementation of steam humidification systems and make our long-standing experience and expertise available,” says Michael Loescher, Head of the Air Humidification Division at Kaut. Employee training is already being conducted mutually to share the expertise for the systems not previously in the portfolio.

The shared belief of continuously impressing customers with high-quality products forms the basis for both companies to successfully utilize their know-how and meet new challenges.