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UV immersion emitters

The internal UV immersion emitters are used to disinfect water-bearing systems by means of UV radiation. The UV immersion lamps are installed directly underwater within the humidifier tank.

This means that the complete tank contents are simultaneously sterilised. Depending on tank size, a variable number of immersion lamps are installed to obtain the best possible effect.

Application areas for UV immersion emitters:

The internal UV immersion lamps are used for sterilisation of a wide range of applications. This system can be used to disinfect water-bearing systems in general. At Lavair, it is mainly used to sterilise the recirculating water of the air humidifiers/ air washers, ensuring that, if used correctly, no unacceptable bacterial growth can occur. It is also easy to equip or retrofit water or pump tanks with the lamps. They can also be used to disinfect air.

Product details

The UV immersion emitter consists of a stainless steel rectangular pipe with encapsulated control electronics, equipped with stainless steel retaining clamps for supporting the UV tube. The immersion emitter is connected to the 230 V mains voltage using a 10 m long immersion cable.

The tube is connected in accordance with IP68 using a stainless steel screwed connection. The screwed connection consists of three individual parts: one retainer ring on the side of the supply unit and a second above the UV-C tube. The actual double-threaded socket carrier supports the lamp holder unit and the UV tube. In conjunction with the seal rings, the tube socket is screwed in hand-tight. The immersion emitters can be used up to a depth of 10 m, corresponding to external pressure of 10 bar.

The system is sealed by means of two independent O-ring systems. When they are screwed in, the two retainer nuts press the blue O-rings into the socket carrier’s bevelled guide grooves. They initially seal the tube and the socket carrier on both sides. A black O-ring in a groove on the inside of the socket carrier and a red O-ring in the groove on the lamp holder unit ensure that there is a second sealing.

The UV immersion emitter has high-quality control electronics for optimum operation of the UV tube. This makes it possible to guarantee maximum performance, high ignition frequency and high service life. The high frequency technology ensures extremely good efficiency and low electricity consumption. Needless to say, all components comply with the Low Voltage Directive and are fitted with interference suppression in accordance with the EMC Directive. 

In the event of a malfunction of the tube or defects in the cabling to or in the beam detection, the control electronics switch off automatically. This protects the circuit board and enables a malfunction to be detected using the optionally available monitoring unit. The maximum intrinsic temperature of the rectangular pipe with the completely encapsulated control electronics is 35 °C (at room temperature). The optimum operating temperature is between +2 °C and +40 °C. A temperature rise to 70 °C is possible in the short term, but results in temporary loss of performance and causes accelerated ageing of the system in the long term. The immersion lamps have a service life of approx. 12,000 hours.

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