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Consultancy and service over the entire lifetime

Our most important objective is our customers’ long-term satisfaction with our products. This requires our products to be safe and to fulfil the required tasks in trouble-free manner.

That is why we attach great importance to detailed consultation and an extensive range of services - over the entire lifecycle of our products.

Even more is possible – the path to the optimum solution.

Individual solutions

There are many ways of increasing humidity in the air, but there is only one optimum solution to your humidification task. We will work this out, together with our specialists. The diversity of our products and the know-how of our experienced specialists will open up new possible solutions.

For example, the housing does not always have to be stainless steel. For a producer of bakery products, we developed a washout washer that we fitted to a concrete housing lined with plastic (PP).


The data:

  • Airflow: 125,000 m3/h
  • Dimensions: 2,000 x 4,000 x 3,750 mm
  • Pump: 2 x 15 kW
  • Tubular pipe rectifier
  • Humidification efficiency: max. 97%
  • On-site assembly



  • Dual nozzle block
  • Electric level control
  • Pump pressure monitoring
  • Electric tank draining
  • Scaffolding for walkway

All’s well that begins well!

Assembly and commissioning

Our experienced and well-trained engineers and service technicians will assemble your humidifier on-site and commission it, setting all parameters so as to enable the humidifier to work reliably and efficiently. Following the commissioning, you will receive a detailed record of the settings that have been made. Ideally, such commissioning will be combined with training of your employees. This will ensure that your humidifier is always used and maintained in the best possible manner. For us, this provides an essential guarantee of the highest system efficiency at the same time as low maintenance costs.

We recommend that assembly be carried out by our employees, particularly if the humidifier is delivered in disassembled mode. For example, we disassembled a trickle humidifier for one of our customers and subsequently fitted an air washer for him.

The data:

  • Airflow: 171,000 m3/h
  • Dimensions: 1,800 x 8,200 x 2,300 mm
  • Pump: 2 x 7.5 kW
  • Rectifier: stainless steel
  • Eliminator: PPTV
  • Humidification efficiency: max. 88%
  • Disassembly of trickle humidifier, fitting of stainless steel washer



  • Walkway
  • Automatic level control
  • Automatic elutriation with guide value measurement
  • Suction-side pump shut-off valve

All-in service - all-in safety.


Our service does not end when the system is delivered. We use adapted maintenance concepts to ensure that you fulfil your duties as the operator of the system and your system is still up and running after many years. Your best course of action is to use our Lavair maintenance contract to ensure that your system operates reliably and hygienically in accordance with our technical rules and Hygiene Guideline VDI 6022. Apart from hygiene controls, maintenance activities include sight inspections of components with regard to contamination, corrosion, damage or limescale as well as function tests of the system components. We also carry out a baseline microbial test of the germ count in the water. Further microbial analyses are provided in the hygiene inspection prescribed every 2 years under VDI 6022.

All service and maintenance activities on air humidifiers may be carried out, in principle, only by specialist personnel. With regard to hygiene requirements, training under VDI 6022/2 is required.

We will be pleased to provide you with your individual maintenance concept and to assist you in having our specialist personnel carry out the activities.

Identifying and remedying defects.


If the existing air humidifier develops functional or hygienic defects, refurbishment is unavoidable. If the humidifier tank is still in good condition or is at least capable of refurbishment, the system can usually be repaired and thereby brought up to date by replacing the faulty built-in parts. If, however, a partial refurbishment cannot be expected to bring about the desired effect in terms of service life, system availability and maintenance overhead, complete refurbishment is often the most cost-effective solution. Our experts will be pleased to provide you with a tailor-made refurbishment concept following an on-site meeting.

Our range of services includes:

  • Energy-based and functional analysis of the existing air humidifier. Proposals for a partial refurbishment or replacement of the system are then derived from this appraisal, taking cost-efficiency criteria into account.
  • Partial refurbishment of the air humidifier: refurbishment of leaky humidifier tanks (GRP) by our specialist personnel, replacement of eliminator and rectifier profiles, replacement of nozzles, measures for adapting the humidifier performance to changes in requests for humidity.
  • Replacement of the air humidifier: dismantling of the old system, assembly of a new system within a time frame specified by the operator
  • Delivery service for humidifier spare parts
  • Retrofitting/remodelling of humidifiers in line with the current Hygiene Guideline (VDI 6022)

The data:

  • Airflow: 135,000 m3/h
  • Dimensions: 1,800 x 4,600 x 3,530 mm
  • Pump: 2 x 11 kW
  • Tubular pipe rectifier
  • Humidification efficiency: max. 87%
  • Disassembly of washer (GRP) trickle humidifier, fitting of stainless steel washer


  • Walkway
  • UV immersion emitters
  • Dry run protection
  • Solenoid valve in water feed line
  • Pump pressure monitoring
  • Water meter in purging pipes