If the existing air humidifier develops functional or hygienic defects, refurbishment is unavoidable.

If the humidifier tank is still in good condition or is at least capable of refurbishment, the system can usually be repaired and thereby brought up to date by replacing the faulty built-in parts. If, however, a partial refurbishment cannot be expected to bring about the desired effect in terms of service life, system availability and maintenance overhead, complete refurbishment is often the most cost-effective solution.

Our range of services includes:
  • Energy-based and functional analysis of the existing air humidifier.
  • Proposals for a partial refurbishment or replacement of the system are then derived from this appraisal, taking cost-efficiency criteria into account.
Partial refurbishment of the air humidifier:
  • Refurbishment of leaky humidifier tanks (GRP)
  • Replacement of eliminator and rectifier profiles
  • Replacement of nozzles
  • Adapting the device configuration to changes in air volume flows and humidity requirements
  • Retrofitting/remodelling the humidifier (including third-party products) in line with the current Hygiene Directive VDI 6022
Replacement of the air humidifier:
  • Measurement of the unit geometry and housing flanges & analysis of the insertion procedure
  • Dismantling of the old system & assembly of the new unit within a time frame specified by the operator
  • Handover report, induction and training of the maintenance personnel

Our experts will be pleased to provide you with a tailor-made refurbishment concept following an on-site meeting.