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Manual elutriation

Air humidifiers or air washers experience thickening of the circulating water due to water evaporation and dirt particle washout. This thickening needs to be periodically offset by desalination to prevent malfunction and excessive contamination.

Manual desalination is therefore part of every Lavair air humidifier or air washer. The implementation of this desalination process is adjusted to the design of the systems.

Application areas for manual desalination:

  • Air humidifiers
  • Air washers
  • Humidification and open cooling systems using circulating water

Equipment variants, depending on unit model:

  • Simple desalination
  • Simple desalination with return pipe
  • Dual desalination
  • Dual desalination with return pipe

Product details

The desalination unit is usually connected to the piping of the nozzle pressure gauges on the operating side. The desalination is adjusted via a manual ball valve. Both pressure systems are used in the case of dual pumps in order to ensure the desalination function in the event of a pump switch.

Depending on system size and operating type, a return pipe is installed in some cases. This return pipe channels a substream of the recirculating water back to the tank via a pipe system and starts to circulate the tank contents. This reduces deposits on the tank floor and keeps dirt particles in the circulation water, thereby supporting the desalination function.

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