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Designed for natural air.




Automotive industry

Process air conditioning

Humidification of large airflows with precise adjustability of the increase in humidity.


Building services engineering

Building air conditioning

Cost-saving humidifier systems for a pleasant indoor climate at low operating costs and low maintenance expense.


Steel industry

Waste air purification

Efficient separation of oil and emulsion mists from the manufacture of steel sheets in rolling mills.


Meat processing / animal feed production

Waste air purification

Mechanical / chemical washing out of contaminants from waste air and air humidification for a downstream biological cleaning stage (biofilter system).


Semi-conductor production

Clean room technology

Washing stage, downstream of the microfilter, for reducing the number of air-borne particles and extraneous gases to an absolute minimum.


Textile industry

Waste air purification

Washing out dusts in the manufacture of synthetic fibres and non-woven fabrics.

Welcome to LAVAIR.


We manufacture humidifier systems for air handling units. Our devices are used for airflow rates ranging from 800 m3/h to 1,500,000 m3/h.

Starting from the process-related specifications such as air conditions at the humidifier inlet, humidification efficiency, adjustability of the increase in humidity, air speed, hygiene requirements etc., we offer our customers comprehensive advice in terms of selecting and designing the humidifier solution.

The housing design is always individually adapted to the air conditioning unit’s customer-specific connection dimensions.