High-pressure humidifiers

Continuous-flow water spray humidifiers


What continuous-flow water spray humidifiers have in common is that the water quantity atomised within the airflow is only slightly greater than the water flow required for humidification. The small percentage of unevaporated water is not recycled and re-atomised, but is channelled to the waste water system as discharge. The humidifier’s injection system is therefore constantly operated by means of fresh water according to the continuous flow principle. A distinction is drawn between high-pressure, medium-pressure and low-pressure humidifiers based on atomisation pressure.

High-pressure humidifiers

  • Pressure range: up to 100 bar
  • Pump type: piston pump (water-lubricated)
  • Nozzle type: swirl nozzle with locking function

Equipment variants

  • Injection volume control as a combination of pulse-width and pressure modulation
  • Water meter to determine water loss percentage

Further accessories for high-pressure humidifiers

  • Especially economical in the case of low to medium increase in humidity (0.0 to 6.0 g/kg)
  • From small to large volumes of air (1,000 to 2,000,000 m³/h)
  • Low cleaning overhead required for adherence to hygienic operating conditions
  • Can be supplied either with stainless steel housing or as installation kit for empty housing
  • Pump station with 2 pumps (redundant design)
  • Several humidification systems can be operated via one pump station (master-slave)

Humidifier housing


Nozzle block


Agglomerator and eliminator


Valve blocks


Control cabinet with control


Highpressure Pump


Pump station with HP pump and control cabinet

Accessories for high-pressure humidifiers

The high-pressure humidifier is used in AHU systems which require high hygiene standards. To ensure that the system operates properly and to fulfil the hygiene standards, the following components have been selected with the utmost care.

The criteria used for the selection of the components were that they should be PWIS-free, low-maintenance, easy to use and robust.

High Pressure Nozzle (PDF)

Highpressure Pump (PDF)

Solenoid Valve (PDF)

Temperature Sensor (PDF)

Pressure Sensor 25 Bar (PDF)

Pressure Sensor 100 Bar (PDF)

Filter (PDF)

Flow Meter (PDF)

Further accessories for high-pressure humidifiers

Control unit

The control unit developed in-house is designed for ultimate flexibility and precise adherence to the required humidity. The request for humidity is ensured by means of a synchronised cascade connection. In order to be able to comply with hygiene regulations set out in VDI 6022, the system has an integrated intelligent hygienic flushing program, which ensures that piping is flushed for an existing humidity request without water loss. In the case of downtime, an additional flushing programme can ensure that no moisture enters the air channel.

Overflow valve

The overflow valve mechanically ensures that no dangerous pressure peaks occur in the system. This function ensures that, if valves are closed or faulty, pressure is discharged upwards of a preset limit value.

Application examples

Replacement of existing air washer (GRP) by high-pressure humidifier

High-pressure humidifier module for installation in empty housing.

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