Assembly and Commissioning

Our experienced and well-trained engineers and service technicians will assemble your humidifier on-site and commission it, setting all parameters so as to enable the humidifier to work reliably and efficiently.

We recommend that assembly be carried out by our employees, particularly if the humidifier is delivered in disassembled parts.

Following the commissioning, you will receive a detailed record of the settings that have been made. Ideally, such commissioning will be combined with training of your employees, in which general advice on operating the system, regular maintenance as well as functional and hygiene checks will be given.

Your employees will also receive extensive training on how the system components work and how to handle them. This will ensure that your humidifier is always used and maintained in the best possible manner.

This, to us, is an essential prerequisite for energy-efficient operation coupled with low maintenance costs. Not least, lasting care of the humidifier will ensure that the service life and value retention of the system extend beyond the average useful life.