High pressure humidifier for process air and industrial applications

Our high-pressure humidifier Jetvap® complies with all common industrial standards. The focus here is on the best possible integration into process air technology applications. By using a SIMATIC-S7, a large number of customer requests can be individualized or have already been met by our patented control concept.

Jetvap® can be individually adapted to all system sizes and is always a humidifier exactly according to your needs. Process reliability, control accuracy and high processing quality have already been proven several times with international customers. The hygienic safety was checked by an independent organization and confirmed by issuing the certificate according to VDI 6022-1.

Jetvap® – Basic

High pressure humidifier for building ventilation systems and adiabatic cooling

Our high-pressure humidifier Jetvap® – Basic unifies the know-how of highly sensitive process air applications with the technical requirements of building technology. In this way, a very high level of control accuracy and a low proportion of lost water can be achieved with low acquisition costs and.

Jetvap® – Basic has been standardized and optimized in order to be able to guarantee both an efficient design and a fast delivery time. All hygiene requirements according to VDI 6022-1 are met.