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Humidifiers and air washers


Lavair humidifiers and air washers set new standards in terms of quality and performance!








  • Unit housing made from stainless steel V2A / V4A or GFK
  • Housing standard or isolated
  • Pipework made from stainless steel or PVC/PP
  • Discharge and overflow fittings made from stainless steel or PVC/PP
  • Intake basket with filter trap (stainless steel/PVC/PP)
  • Splash-proof lighting (plastics or stainless steel)
  • Quick-fill device
  • Mechanical float valve (stainless steel)
  • Unit window with light screen made from stainless steel (V2A/V4A); isolated
  • Thermometer and pressure gauge
  • Eliminators made from PPTV, stainless steel, AL; extensible version
  • Stainless steel nozzle connection
  • Lavair nozzles made from PP with stainless steel cap
  • Stainless steel pump with world-wide service
  • Standard operating pressure 2000 Pa*
  • Operating temperature until 60°C/ 140°F*
  • Air velocity from 0,5 m/s - 4 m/s*
  • Use of UV sterilization or desalinating systems
  • Fully automated tank cleaning with dedusting nozzles
  • Manual or motorized flap valves
  • Manual or electrical level control
  • Additional holes drilled to suit customer´s requirements
  • Modular construction guarantees that even large systems are easy to assemble

*differing operating points realizable 


Some details are additional variants and do not represent our standard configuration.




Sample projects


A small choice of already delivered units:


3-phase elutriation washer (acid-alkaline-neutral) Saria 1.000m³/h


exhaust air washer for aircraft paintwork Airbus 125.700m³/h













air supply unit for aircraft paintwork Airbus 112.500m³/h


exhaust air washer waste treatment Montello 150.000m³/h













air washer grain mill Riyad 540.000m³/h


clean room unit GRP 60.000m³/h, isolated


humidifier 15.000m³/h, isolated